Event participation

During efficient organization of your workshop, conference or business event, your top priority is high event participation. The participation of your participants towards your event can be high by organizing online. You can focus on increasing event participation instead of spending time on manual registration, collecting conference fees or sending invitations.

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High event participation with online participant registration

Organization of business events online leads to high event participation of your registrants. You can use all business event functionality online in this way. For instance sending invitations, handling registrations and all confirmation emails to participants will save time in organizing the event.

Event participation with better event marketing

You can create buzz and attention for your event or seminar by yourself, but you can also have your participants do their share. In eventilo.com your participants can Twitter or Facebook "like" your event directly after their registration. By doing so they notify their friends and collegues of your event and give them a direct link to your registration form on eventilo.com. Making your event successful was never this easy. Social media give your event the attention that it deserves.

Event participation with custom badges

Mail merging to label sheets for badges remains cumbersome in most office software. With eventilo.com you can always download a preformatted PDF document with all your participants neatly aligned in badge-sized sections. Eventilo.com supports all of the most common badge dimension. You can even upload a logo or background image for your badges for some extra branding.

Collect registration fees from participants

If there is a registration fee for your event, you can use eventilo.com to process online payments for your participants. Eventilo.com then transfers the collected fees minus transaction costs to your account.

Flexible event participation

The eventilo business (plus) package give you an unlimited number of registrations. Obviously you can set limits when your event's capacity is limited. With the eventilo free package, there is a limit of 50 registrations per event.